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This Thanksgiving, my family decided to have a very nontraditional Thanksgiving. Instead of having a turkey for dinner with all our relatives, we decided to drive up to Disneyland.

  On Wednesday, we drove up to Anaheim and spent the evening in Downtown Disney and had dinner at Rainforest Café. Rainforest Café is a restaurant themed like a rainforest. There are elephants, gorillas, lots of different plants, and more! Every 20 minutes there is a mini thunderstorm and all the animals start to come to life.

  The next day we got up early and headed out to Disneyland.     

Our first ride (it was actually one of my favorite rides) was the Haunted Mansion. Since it was Christmas, the Haunted mansion was a cross between Halloween and Christmas just like in the movie The Nightmare before Christmas. 

  On our second ride we went on Splash Mountain. There was no line so we got on right away. You sit in a long log and at a certain part of the ride, you go speeding down a steep drop. When you are at the bottom, water splashes up. Sometimes you get soaked, sometimes you don’t get a drop.

After a few more rides, we stopped to have lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace and watched the Jedi Training Academy show.

  By the end of the day, we had been on almost all of the rides. We had dinner at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café.   For our last ride we went on the Peter Pan ride. You sit in a pirate ship and soar through the starry night sky.

  Finally, it was time to drive home. By the time we got home, everybody was exhausted and ready to go to bed.

<![CDATA[PE with Room 14 by Stefan, Courtney and ValerieĀ ]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:28:05 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/pe-with-room-14-by-stefan-courtney-and-valeriePicture
On Thursday we had P.E. with Room 14. We played a game where there are 4 hula hoops and there is 4 teams. One team is yellow, red, green, and blue. One team are the tagers and the other teams are the runners. The runners try to get around as many hula hoops as they can and try to get back to the circle as fast as 
we can (which is the center circle) then we tell Coach Alcatara  how many points we got because every time you get around a hula hoop you get a point and then tell coach A that we got a point then you try to get as many points as you can in 15 minutes the way you get them down is by tagging them.

At first coach A gave us team, then we went to the circle. Coach called out a team that were tags first and the red team were tagers first  and everyone else were runners 10…..9….8….7……6….5…4…3…..2..... 1…… and the game begins!

Next we see everyone running out of the circle seeing everyone surrounding one hula hoop everyone calling out how many points they got and seeing one another trying to get past a hollahop after the round was over we all went right to the water fountain they were so thirsty ZOOM!!!!!!!!! went everyone to the water fountain. 

After that game we all gathered in the cones and coach called out the next tagger  and the next team was the yellow team. Everyone  getting ready to run and 10….9….8….7…6…5…4…3…2…1.. and the next game begins! Everyone sprinting to the holahoops  everyone circling the hula hoops and laughing away with everyone. It was a tight round and all the teams were tied!

Last Coach A called the last team and it was the blue team the team I was on and we put everyone on a hulahoop and we had a couple left over so we put them in the front 10….9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1.. and everyone came charging out. It was pretty hard getting everyone down. 5 more minutes and everyone came charging at one hulahoop 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and the game was over and all the teams were still tied and everyone was giving high fives to everyone and saying "good job and everyone was happy the rest of the day.
<![CDATA[Harry Potter by Matthew]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:22:01 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/harry-potter-by-matthew-and-antonioPicture
In Harry Potter we're on the part when Harry needs to tell Dumbledore that Snape is trying to get the Philosophers Stone/ Sorcerers Stone that makes the elixir of life a liquid that that makes you immortal.

  Voldemort wants it so he can live forever and then KILL Harry potter but now Harry’s trying to get it first so that Voldemort can't get it and then he might get expelled if he’s caught doing it or even worse Voldemort might catch him and then Voldemort will KILL Harry Potter and we're desperate to find out what happens next the entire class is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO desperate!  

Some comments on harry potter are: 
"its exciting"
"I wonder what will happen next?"
"I love everything!"
"Why did his scar randomly start hurting?"

 Everybody is  so exited and wondering what will happen next. Some people have already read the book like Stefan, Shelby, Matthew, Antonio, Emily,  Noah,  and the teacher Ms.  Chown.  Everybody in the class likes Harry
Potter!  So try out Harry Potter and comment if you like it. 

<![CDATA[English Day by Olivia and Haley]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:18:03 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/english-day-by-olivia-and-haleyPicture
On, Monday we had a special treat in store for us…English day!
To start of the day we got a sheet that had a map of Britain and wrote all the facts we knew about the country. We recognized some places because we know the soccer

Then, we saw a video called Horrible History’s about the Gun
Powder Plot. The gun powder plot is about a person named Guy Fawks trying to blow up parliment. He was not alone. There were 13 men in his gang, although it was not his gang. It was Robert Catesby’s gang. The reason he tried to do it was because at that time King James the 6th was against the Catholic religion.

Then we watched a full episode of  Horrible Histories We learned that a crazy emperor tried to go to war with the sea.

  Then it was time for Tea upon Chatsworth! Overall, English Day 
was awesome! :)

<![CDATA[A marmite tale by Ella and Rebecca]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:09:36 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/a-marmite-tale-by-ella-and-rebeccaPicture
Here is a marmite tale…

1. Trader Joe’s.
  At recess, Ms. Chown walked to trader joes to get her lovely students bread
to try with Marmite (ohh with irish butter and normal butter).

2. Picking up students

Right after recces Ms. Chown picked us up and on the way told us
that we were going to listen to Harry Potter while eating Marmite on

3. Trying Marmite

Ms. Chown passed around bread with Marmite and everybody thought it was amazing but I (Rebecca) am like the only person that says "too salty!"  

If you haven't had Marmite before, make sure that you put butter on your toast first (the children in our class who had tried Marmite before, didn't do this and so they didn't like it the first time). The second thing is to make sure you don't think it will taste chocolatey. Be prepared for a salty taste. Finally, only spread the Marmite thinly on the toast. Too much = not very nice.

<![CDATA[Tea upon Chatsworth by Shelby and Emily]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:00:48 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/tea-upon-chatsworth-by-shelby-and-emilyPicture
For Ms. Chown’s birthday (on Monday) we had a very English morning, followed by afternoon tea. At morning meeting we had an English greeting, after that we watched horrible histories and learned about a few English facts and stories (find writing about English day, to learn more).

 All morning we had been begging Ms. Chown to tell us who was riding in whom‘s car. After recess she finally told us. 

Here is the list:
 Shelby’s mom: Shelby, Emily, Josue, Elijah and Haley
  •  Ava’s mom: Ava, Britny, Valerie, Courtney and Ms. Chown
  •  Anjolie’s mom: Anjolie, Damar and Rebecca
  •  Matthews’s mom: Matthew, Joshua and Aaron
  •  Noah’s mom: Noah, Stefan, Ella, and Chloe.
When the chaperones arrived, everyone got with their group and left.
When we got there, we walked inside to a small elegant space with beautiful chairs and tables. We sat down and started chatting with our friends. 

After a little while they brought out the tea, strawberry flavored tea (it was sooooo good)!      

<![CDATA[Our Halloween Party By Molly and Britny]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2012 23:48:33 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/our-halloween-party-by-molly-and-britnyPicture
When Ms. Chown announced we were going to have a Halloween party we all got excited. There were many volunteers to help us out and make it all possible.  We were wondering what sorts of games there were going to be. Each day we were getting more and more excited for the party!

Making up hilarious Mad Libs!
At last the big day arrived, in the morning all anyone could talk about was the party. When we came in from recess we could already see the volunteers starting to set up. When Ms. Chown closed the Harry Potter book, finally Molly’s mom announced the games.

Making snacks with a scary expression!
The games were: decorating mini coffins with little skeleton people in them, fill a skeleton hand with popcorn and candy corn for finger nails, Halloween mad libs (were you had to fill in word to make a halloween story), and Halloween snacks: pretzel skeletons, banana ghosts, and cracker spiders.

Our favorite game was decorating the coffins. We thought it was cool to put a mini skeleton in our coffins!

Scary snacks.
The snack table.
 This was our first party of the year everyone had a blast! It was the best party ever!

Some scary halloween dancing.
Haley and Chloe concentrating on decorating coffins.
The popcorn skeleton hand table.
Elijah with his coffin
<![CDATA[Room 15 dot pictures by Aaron, Joshua and Josue]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:28:28 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/room-15-dot-pictures-by-aaron-joshua-and-josuePicture
The front cover for the book called The Dot.

Because we were looking at the artist Damien Hirst, and learning about shapes in math, we decided to make our own dot pictures on white canvas. We were also inspired by the book The Dot (obviously)!

One of Damien Hirst's dot pictures.
After we read the book, we measured the canvas and then cut a piece of paper to the same size. This meant that we could do a rough draft and know what the canvas would look like.  Then we practiced drawing dots with our compasses. Each group had to decide on a different radius for their circles (a radius is the measurement from the center to the end of the circle).

At last we were on to the canvas. We liked the canvas because it was easier than using paper for drawing circles. The difference about the canvas and paper was that the canvas was squishier and the paper would move and the canvas wouldn’t.  

Room 15 spend a very long time on their dots. They were really hard, especially for the groups that had small radius’s and so had to draw a lot of dots. 

Now we shall tell you about the color. We mixed colors with our groups and we named some of them first red orange, navy green, forest green, sky blue, super pink, navy gold, night blue, mystic blue, dark violet, nacho cheese, monarch red, sandy gray, juicy peach, misty grey, electric cheese, insane indigo, dark red, mauve, sandy brown, caterpillar green, destroyer green.

<![CDATA[All about Damien Hirst by Noah]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:20:09 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/all-about-damien-hirst-by-noahPicture
The preserved cow.
I am going to tell you about Damien Hurst, he is a great artist who is from England also one of the richest. Here are some of them, number one is the cut in half a cow and preserved it in formaldehyde. We think he might have done it to show people how many cows are killed number two is the diamond coverd skull. Last but not least are his famous dot paintings that look machine made.

An artwork made entirely of real butterfly wings.
A skull covered in diamonds.
Other people in my class like his work and think its unique but the majority thinks he should not have killed the cow.

We had a lot of conversations about this artist in my class. I hope this blog post has taught you something about him!


<![CDATA[Mr and Mrs Chown's visit by Anjolie]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:07:43 GMThttp://eeroom15.weebly.com/2012-2013-blog/mr-and-mrs-chowns-visit-by-anjoliePicture
Mr. and Mrs. Chown answering our questions.
On Tuesday, October 23rd everyone was super exited because Ms.Chown parents were coming in to our classroom all the way from London, Britain.

 When they entered the classroom everyone’s faces lit up with joy, Mrs. Chown  was wearing a long light blue dress that went down to her ankles, and Mr. Chown was wearing a blue collared shirt with beige trousers.

 Anjolie, Chloe, and Rebecca toured them around the classroom and they all really liked the tour, when they were done with the tour it was time for morning meeting and everyone (including the parents) went and got a chair and started our normal schedule then we told Mr. and Mrs. Chown what we do for morning meeting and they said that in Mrs. Chown's school they didn’t have morning meeting.

 Then we played tralalalala with them and them and after a little while they got the hang of it.

 Finally it was time for science and all the Chowns walked us to there, Mr. and Mrs. Chown had other guides to tour them around in the cience room, then we said good bye to them.

Later on in the day it was time for Harry Potter and right before we started reading  Ms. Chown gave us a humbug each! We first heard about humbugs in Harry Potter and so Ms. Chpwn's parents had brought some over for us from England to try. A humbug is a minty brown-colored mint and when you get to the middle there is a bundle of toffee, it was delicious! Because Joshua asked very nicely we got to have another one at the end of the day!

 It was a very exiting day for the whole class, I wish that we can have more humbugs and that we can see Ms. Chowns parents again and maybe some day we can meet Ms. Chowns brothers and if we can’t maybe Ms. Chown can bring in some pictures of them.

It was clearly I day that I could not forget.